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Wedding Websites

Ever heard of the much-hyped wedding website?
It’s essentially an online website dedicated to your wedding that conveys information about the wedding and enables easier and faster communication between you and your guests.

Our wedding websites are digital tools that help you plan and organize your dream wedding.

Each wedding website is totally unique as is customized to reflect you and your partner’s needs.

Your wedding website can be used before the wedding as an info hub and fitted with tools to help you plan a stress-free wedding. It can also be used post-wedding to serve as an online resource for your new family, which could be updated every year on your anniversary.
When it comes to having a wedding website, there is no shortage of possibilities. It is a must-have asset for all newly-weds.

It’s your big day, do it BIG!


Why You Need A Wedding Website

Planning a wedding is very stressful. It is also very financially demanding. This is even more profound if you do not have a personalized system to appropriately manage and organize your guests list.

With an excellent personalized wedding website, you can save more money, time and energy by automating processes and using digital tools.

You will able to send customized invites to each guest. You can also make more concrete plans on seating, catering, and even accommodation arrangements if you have a fool-proof system to keep track of all the guests.  

Even something as simple as saying thank you to your guests can be more powerfully conveyed as a personal email rather than some general message on a Whatsapp platform.

It’s essential to not only have a practical setup. You need one that also represents your relationship well— the story of your love, what you both mean to each other and even the struggles you both overcame to get to this point—it does not have to be the next Rosalinda or Esmeralda script, but… you get the point. 

We have amazing writers who can help you craft a compelling, heart-warming plot for your romance to share with your guests… All this at NO extra COST!!!

THE ICING ON THE CAKE here is that your website can easily be repurposed as a blog or as a family record after the wedding. That means you can easily monetize the website, or if you want your great-grandchildren to have a view of how your lives blossom in your beautiful union, we can do that too.

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Tools We Use To Save Countless Weddings

Event Planning System

With a custom event planning and management system, you can track and supervise the progress of your preparation for your wedding.

Online Guest Management System

Manage your wedding guest list with our event management system, saving you lots of time and headaches.

Custom Emailing System

With our email system, you can create and send custom emails to all your wedding guests, keeping them updated with everything they need to know before the big day with just the click of a button.

Video Live streaming

Not all guests can make it to the venue?
No problem. Now you can live stream your wedding on your website and the best part is, you get total control over who can see it or otherwise.

Customisable Design

Set the tone for your wedding day by having your wedding website designed to fit your wedding theme.

Gift Registry

Want to make it easier for your guests to buy you relevant wedding gifts? Add a gift registry to your website your guests will love.

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